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January 18, 2023

Meet the Director of Direct Trading Solutions

With a new company, comes new directors, so we had to bring in the best of the best. Kieran Dixon is a seasoned veteran in the energy industry, and we are extremely excited for Kieran to get started and work alongside him.

We sat down with Kieran to ask him a few questions about himself and the future of DTS.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Experienced leader in the corporate utilities arena, after developing my career in the big smoke, I have welcomed the opportunity to return home to the North to be closer to my kids and drive forward our Corporate proposition.”

How has your experience in the industry made you perfect for this new role?

“As we focus our energy on supporting businesses with a forward strategy that not just provides the greenest and leanest route to market but also evaluates business processes, optimising your assets and reducing your consumption profile with our data lead solution. My forward-thinking and clinical approach to business made me the perfect candidate to cement our place as market leaders. With extensive experience in various procurement mechanics, I have the knowledge and skill set to provide reassurance to our clients, they are in the safest hands.”

What are your personal goals for DTS?

“My goals are simple, client satisfaction. The energy journey can often be a strain on our clients and their resource. Our unwavering proposition will aim to remove that burden and provide relief, guidance, and assurance, making DTS not the problem but the solution. With an industry in crisis, I want our people and products to be the welcomed relief we all need and deserve.”

What is the most important aspect of the company’s vision in your eyes to guarantee success?

“I’ve touched on this already, the customer. My main focus has been to ensure we have a proposition that covers all aspects of our client’s needs and delivers a clear and cost-effective route to their success. With energy spending ranking in the top 3 of every business’s outgoing, controlling that spending through a data lead solution, providing exceptional customer service and a risk-managed strategy that enables buying at the optimal time is essential to our service.”

How will you shape DTS to become better than our competitors in this industry?

“For me, becoming better than our competitors isn’t a goal. The goal is to shape our business away from the mistakes of our competitors and provide a change in dynamic from the common trends in our industry. Our focus will lie heavily on compliance, carbon, and cost reduction, supporting businesses in achieving the right solution for their business.”

Where do you see DTS in the next 5 years? Especially with the uncertainty of the energy industry.

“Where do I see DTS in the next 5 years… That’s an exciting question! Our ambitions are endless, and the product solution we have in development are nothing this industry has seen before. I have worked in this industry for a very long time, and what we will be bringing to the market over the next 12 months could genuinely revolutionise this industry. I am so excited to be spearheading this project with the rest of the Direct Business Group.”

As Kieran said, there are many things to look forward to from DTS over the next 12 months, and we are excited to get started!

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