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January 18, 2023

Introducing the Direct Business Group

We are happy to announce the launch of our two brand new companies, Direct Trading Solution, and Direct Energy Solution, completing the Direct Business Group. The launch of these two new companies, along with the established Direct Business Solutions, enables us to offer even more tailored solutions for a wider range of clients.

We are delighted to be able to expand our offerings and serve more clients with our energy solutions. The launch of these new companies is a significant milestone for us, and we are excited to see the positive impact we can make in the energy industry.

The Direct Business Group is split into 3 separate service providers. Direct Business Solutions focuses on helping SMEs and Midmarket companies take control of their energy, Direct Energy Solutions focuses on compliance, energy saving and energy generation, and Direct Trading Solutions takes care of Industrial and Commercial/Public Sector Delivery.


“We pride ourselves on offering expert solutions and advice which has been essential to our clients, especially in the recent turbulent times. The addition of the new divisions has allowed us to take onboard experts in their field and to further expand our knowledge and serve to offer to our valid clients. This hunger for development is one of the main drivers of why we are now one of the largest consultancies in the country. Moving forward our goal is to be a valid partner of all businesses we work with from SMEs to large corporate businesses with bespoke solutions, from installing a light bulb to a Net Zero strategy we can now deliver.
We are very proud to have expanded and developed DBS into a group offering for our clients, especially in our short 5 years. However, this is just the beginning and our fundamental ambition to be the best will continue to drive us onwards and upwards because everything starts with a bright idea.”
Simon Moslemi – Managing Director

Direct Business Solutions

Direct Business Solutions already have an amazing track record within the energy industry. After helping hundreds of companies reclaim over £1.75m in rebates we have a huge list of happy customers. DBS focus on SME and Midmarket companies and creates energy strategies which help them ride the wave created by the energy crisis and come out of the other end not only scratch-free but better off.

Direct Energy Solutions

Direct Energy Solutions are the energy services division of Direct Business Group, focusing on compliance, energy saving and energy generation. Taking businesses towards Net-Zero is the number one priority for DES, so making sure the energy is clean, compliant, and not wasted takes us closer to the end goal with every client.


“The journey to Net Zero is not going to be achieved through a simple transaction, nor will it be without challenge; it requires the navigation of a complex roadmap and guidance through difficult decisions. DES has the right blend of experience, aptitude, and tenacity, to do just that.”
Chris Toze – Director of Energy Services


Direct Trading Solutions

DTS form the I&C/Public Sector delivery suit part of the Direct Business Group, working closely with clients to ensure perfect product delivery. DTS analyses your data evaluates your current energy strategy and delivers a forward solution that delivers the best result for your business. The priority goal for DTS is to create more efficient companies, which make informed decisions and reduce their costs as much as possible.


“Working in close conjunction with our sister companies Direct Business Solutions (DBS) and Direct Energy Solutions (DES) our aim is to provide robust forward energy strategies that both fit and protects your business requirements. Our proposition is simple. We aim to make procurement and operational decisions with a net zero mindset formed from data lead solutions and without the need for capital investment.”
Kieran Dixon – Director of Corporate Sales


We are thrilled to see what the future holds for the Direct Business Group with the launch of Direct Trading Solution and Direct Energy Solution. Our range of services has increased, and we can now offer tailored solutions for a wider range of clients, including SMEs, mid-market companies, and industrial and commercial/public sector clients.

We believe that our energy solutions will help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and ultimately become more efficient. We are committed to providing excellent service and are confident that our expertise and knowledge will help businesses navigate the energy industry successfully.

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